Problems installing DELL Repo running Fedora Core

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Thu Jun 5 04:23:46 CDT 2008

I copied the repo files from a Centos 5.0 System (where everything worked 
fine) and  changed them to el5 and after it didn't work,  i even tried it 
with el4 (which didn't work, too).

I'm now trying to download all srvadmin-rpms onto my local server and 
install them by hand, which is a lot of work. 

Is there anything else checked for information about the running OS or is 
it just the path in the repo file?
The Filenames of the RPMs don't contain information about needing a 
special OS, so why doesn't yum find any files in the repo?

I found out that i can tell yum to install a local rpm with: "yum install 
can i tell yum to search for dependency RPM Files in the local directory, 

Well, i would really like to know how you other guys running Fedora Core 
got this thing working...
I can't belive i'm the only one who is trying this...

Best regards,

Heiner Wulfhorst

Intermoves AG
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04.06.2008 20:02

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Re: Problems installing DELL Repo running Fodora Core

did you change fc to el5?  i think that is in /etc/yum.d/repos/dell.repo

heiner.wulfhorst at wrote: 

Hi List, 

we have a PE850 Server running Fedora Core 5. Whe i try to install the 
srvadmin RPM-Packets, executing the bootstrap.cgi script fails: 

Downloading GPG key: 

    Importing key into RPM. 
Downloading GPG key: 
    Importing key into RPM. 
Failed to download RPM: 

Trying to download the failed RPM by hand gave me a 404 error. 
The Wiki ( told 
me to set "plugins=1" in yum.conf (was already set) and "editing the yum 
config and changing "fc" to "el5" ". 
The second is confusing me as i don't even have the entry for the repo in 
my cfg. So where should i change "fc" to "el5"? 

Is this a server problem on dell site (because of the 404), or what did i 
do wrong? 

Thx for reading, even more for any helping answer! :o) 


Heiner Wulfhorst

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