Nagios Monitoring Agent on AIX 4.3

Tino Schwarze linux-poweredge.lists at
Wed Jun 4 04:32:21 CDT 2008

Hi Abu,

On Wed, Jun 04, 2008 at 10:25:24AM +0100, Abu Salim wrote:

> I know this is not directly related to this mailing-list, but I was hoping
> someone would be able to give me some clues.

> I have been trying to install Nagios Monitoring Agent on AIX 4.3, but it
> keeps failing to install.

Please have a look at the Nagios mailing lists:

> Please let me know if you have been able to successfully install Nagios
> Agent on AIX 4.3 and how did you do it and which tools/components you used.

I'm not sure, AIX runs on Dell hardware at all (wasn't it IBM someSeries
only?), so your chance of findind somebody here with AIX experience _and_
Nagios experience is rather slim.



"What we resist, persists." (Zen saying)

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