Problems installing DELL Repo running Fodora Core

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Wed Jun 4 03:22:10 CDT 2008

Hi List,

we have a PE850 Server running Fedora Core 5. Whe i try to install the 
srvadmin RPM-Packets, executing the bootstrap.cgi script fails:

Downloading GPG key:
    Importing key into RPM.
Downloading GPG key:
    Importing key into RPM.
Failed to download RPM:

Trying to download the failed RPM by hand gave me a 404 error.
The Wiki ( told 
me to set "plugins=1" in yum.conf (was already set) and "editing the yum 
config and changing "fc" to "el5" ". 
The second is confusing me as i don't even have the entry for the repo in 
my cfg. So where should i change "fc" to "el5"?

Is this a server problem on dell site (because of the 404), or what did i 
do wrong?

Thx for reading, even more for any helping answer! :o)


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