Suggested BMC planar temperature

Alessandro FAGLIA a.faglia at
Tue Jun 3 08:11:06 CDT 2008

By means of OMSA and BMC I can get planar temperatures from all my Dell 
servers. I guess this is the temperature on the surface of the main board.

I see that in OMSA (5.2) the warning threshold is set from 7 to 48°C, 
whilst the failure one from 3 to 53°C.

In my server room I have a rack with 7 servers (different models from 
PE860 to PE2950). The door of this rack lets cool air to flow in.

While in the room I have 21°C, the BMC temp reads 30°C.
I'd like to ask which is the best BMC temperature range where servers 
should be working in. Is 30°C a good value?

Thanks and regards.

-- Alessandro

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