humbled by the SC440 and raid monitoring

Eric Wood eric at
Mon Jun 2 12:46:05 CDT 2008

On 29 May 2008, at 1:36, David Sparks <dave at> wrote:
> Eric Wood wrote:
>> I have been completely humbled.  I've had this server put away for over
>> year and half because I could never figure out how to monitor the SAS
>> controller.
> Whats wrong with mpt-status?  It claims support for SAS1068. :)

I got it to compile but it still could not find the controller, as I noted 

Maybe mpt-status only supports LSI controllers - not Dell OEM'ed 

So, last ditch effort, I updated the bios and firmware on the SC440 and SAS 
5/iR controller, and reinstalled Dell's SAS Raid Storage Manger v2.16-01 for 
RHEL5.  No luck - "No Storage Controller Found!".

Let me back up and ask this:  Since, the kernel is gratiously working the 
controller, are there not any generic commands that query the SAS subsystem 
to report back overall statuses of hard drives and raids?   I'm not a kernel 
programmer, but I just can't understand why you put all the effort into 
writing a driver which natively works with the kernel, and linux doesn't 
give you a way to inspect the most basics of information other than the 

# cat /proc/scsi/mptsas/0
ioc0: LSISAS1068, FwRev=000a3300h, Ports=1, MaxQ=286


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