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Richard Wallman a écrit :
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> Noah Dain wrote:
>> I have not tried to install woody on new hardware, but I would 
>> whole-heartedly recommend virtualizing the system instead.
> Or, if the software doesn't require a specific kernel, you could always
> install Sarge on the new machine and have a Woody chroot. (this is true
> of pretty much all *nix-like OSs - I've got RedHat chroots running on
> Debian machines to support some vendor-specific software. You can't mix
> and match kernels - you couldn't run a FreeBSD chroot on a Linux machine
> - - but you can run different flavours provided specific kernels aren't
> required)
> debootstrap can sort that out for you. You'd just need to make sure any
> init.d scripts get modified (to chroot before starting/stopping a
> service) and copied into the main startup.
> Virtualisation would be a big hammer to crack a fairly small nut.
openvz or linux vserver are not big hammers. That's just light 
virtualization that do the trick with all the appropriate tools "à la 

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