RAID monitoring

Matthew Geier matthew at
Wed Oct 31 18:11:50 CDT 2007

John Heim wrote:
> PS: The server came with a cable, about 3 feet long. One end plugs into the 
> back of the server. The other end has a knob or button on the end. Can 
> anybody tell me what that is? An external temp probe maybe?

 No, would you believe it's just a blue LED on the end ?

 The servers have an 'ID' LED on the front and back. It can be activated 
by pressing the ID button or remotely using IMPI (?).

 I assume the LED on the cable is for when you use the cable arms, as 
when they are folded up, they block the view of the back of the server 
and you wouldn't see the blinking blue light.

 I also assume the blinken blue LEDs are for Data centres, were on site 
'grunt' is told, 'Install new HD in Rack 3, the server with the blinking 
blue light'.

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