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OMSA includes an SNMP daemon that ties in to the native SNMP daemon. So
you should be able to receive traps by setting up an appropriate

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I'm trying to set up a Dell 1950 as a  web server. We're a debian linux
so I installed debian etch (current stable version). Then i installed
debian port of the dellomsa package.

I'm not sure what to do next.  The problem is that I'm blind and i can't

read the printed documentation. I've been going through the CDs that
with the server but I can't find a comprehensive step-by-step guide. By 
using -? with omreport, I've gotten far. I see that RAID1 appears to be 
working. There is one virtual disk and 2 physical disks and it says for
that a failure is not immenent.

What I mainly would like to know is how i can configure RAID monitoring.
need to make sure I am notified if a drive begins to fail. Can I
dellomsa to send email if a drive failure is detected? Can i test that 
somehow? Should I simply write a script to parse the output from
sstorage controller controller=0'?

Or maybe this is documented somewhere either on-line or on one of the
that comes with the server?

Help please.

PS: The server came with a cable, about 3 feet long. One end plugs into
back of the server. The other end has a knob or button on the end. Can 
anybody tell me what that is? An external temp probe maybe?

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