attaching the hosts to the SAN

Matthew Geier matthew at
Wed Oct 31 05:34:26 CDT 2007

Kristoffer Knigga wrote:
> Why can't you use Powerpath?  A technical reason or something else?
> We don't use the exact setup you do, but when I do this I get regular 
> SCSI disk devices (/dev/sdx) that show up for each path to each LUN.

  You don't need Powerpath, but you do need (or at least it makes it a 
LOT easier) if you have the EMC host agent installed.

  I had a RHEL cluster connected to a CX300, where we had the host agent 
installed but used multipathd to do the multi-path fail over, not PowerPath.

  The host agent talks to the array so that you get host names in the 
Navisphere manager program and feedback on what device names the LUNS 
get allocated back on the host.

  If you don't use the host agent you have to work out what the WWNs are 
of your FC interfaces manually and associate the LUNS with the hosts by 
the WWN instead of the host name.

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