DRAC 4 telnet/ssh "filtered"? (PE2850)

Karl Podesta kpodesta at redbrick.dcu.ie
Tue Oct 30 10:24:29 CDT 2007

Hi there, 

Has anyone encountered an issue where telnet/ssh is "filtered" (or blocked)
on a DRAC card? I'm investigating 2 x PE2850's running RHEL AS 4 U4 in a
Red Hat Cluster Suite config. No problems up to now, except recently - 
I can no longer telnet to the DRAC on one of the nodes. I can ping the DRAC
fine, as well as access it's web interface (!), but when I do an nmap 
(i.e. port scan) on the DRAC's IP address I get:

22/tcp   filtered ssh
23/tcp   filtered telnet
80/tcp   open     http
443/tcp  open     https
5900/tcp open     vnc
5901/tcp open     vnc-1

This happens if I connect directly to the DRAC with a laptop/crossover cable
(i.e. not over the network through potential firewalls). Rebooting the 
system has no effect. Nothing has been altered on the DRAC (afaik), and the 
DRAC on the other node is fine (i.e. 22/tcp and 23/tcp show "open"). I 
enabled telnet on the DRAC via racadm when I set the system up originally, 
and I can also go into the web interface console and verify that telnet
is enabled (I get a value of "1" returned, which I assume means it is 

Any ideas as to the cause or how to fix/reset this? 

Thanks for any help!


Karl Podesta
Systems Engineer, Securelinx Ltd., Ireland. 

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