Yum and OM repo

Cathy Reaves cathy.reaves at gmail.com
Mon Oct 29 18:11:17 CDT 2007


I am trying to setup a mirror repo for the Dell OM repo for systems that
have no outside access.  I know this Yum piece is technically
"unsupported".  Anyway, everything seems to install and work fine except for
the OpenIPMI piece.  On other systems where I've used the public repo, the
OpenIPMI is a dependency that seems to get resolved and installed
"automagically" by itself. On my mirror it fails. I setup my repodata
directory at the highest level so I would think that it should be able to
find the required software and install, build, etc.. as it does on machines
that can get to the outside, but it doesn't.

My install also fails on a couple of other items:
srvadmin-isvc which depends on srvadmin-hapi
srvadmin-omhip which also depends on srvadmin-hapi

Any help would be appreciated.  I am new to basically everything I'm working
on - Linux, Yum, Dell hardware, etc... :-)

Thanks, Cathy
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