OpenIPMI drivers missing - RESOLVED

Steven Stromer filter at
Mon Oct 29 17:08:15 CDT 2007

>>>> 'service ipmi start' fails.
>>>> 'service ipmi status' returns:
>>>> ipmi_msghandler module not loaded.
>>>> ipmi_si module not loaded.
>>>> ipmi_devintf module not loaded.
>>>> /dev/ipmi0 does not exist.

>>> You have installed the i586 version of the 2.6.22-9.61.fc6 kernel,
>>> which unfortunately does not have the ipmi drivers built and
>>> included.  You need to install the 2.6.22-9.61.fc6.x86_64 version of
>>> the kernel.  This was a fairly common problem in F6 - the i586 kernel
>>> got installed instead of the i686 kernel, and i586 has a lot of
>>> modules missing.

>> Fedora repo lists as available:
>> kernel.i686                    
>> I want to confirm that this the kernel I should be migrating to? I've, 
>> of course, installed updated kernels within a single version, but never 
>> moved across versions. Should this be a similar experience, or can you 
>> think of any got-ya-s that I should be watching out for?

> has a section describing the problem and the various solutions,
> including a little script that uses yumdownloader to get the i686
> kernel and replace the i586 kernel.
> (I made a mistake above and said x86_64 - of course x86_64 didn't have
> this problem, and you wouldn't have run into it if you had installed
> x86_64 on that box, which it is capable of running.)
> Thanks,
> Matt

Thanks for alerting me to this bug. Your help has been invaluable. 
Kernel is updated, modules are now available, and ipmitool is 
functioning perfectly.

Steven Stromer

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