opensuse 10.3 poweredge 1600sc

J. Epperson Dell at
Mon Oct 29 10:57:39 CDT 2007


You _are_ reading this bottom to top, right?

Finally, I was misleading with my remark about installing OMSA for SLES
manually on opensuse--it would, of course, only work if you were on
supportable hardware.

The document Kent refers to is one of the examples of the "any number
of...etc" documents that seem to indicate that at least some SCs are
supported.  Note that there are several support matrices in the document
cited, with little or no explanation of what each means.  The situation is
also mucked up by the fact that Dell has made SC-prefixed and suffixed
machines, which are widely different animals.

So much for consistency from the Dell folks on the list.  The actual folks (and distinguished emeritus) are consistent about the
issue, but some of the field folks have their own $.02, often based on
their logical interpretation of an "official" document.

On Mon, October 29, 2007 11:07, Kent_Sparling at wrote:
> The Poweredge 600SC and 1600SC are the exceptions to the "No OMSA support
> on SC products" rule.
> Full compatibility information can be found here:
> ide/html/4admnver.htm#1043344
> Kent Sparling Enterprise Technologist - Server Management Dell Canada
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> i must admit ... i'm a little bit confused now ;-)
> - i know that opensuse is not sles - dell offers a linux package (sles10)
> of omsa for the 1600sc server - but the omsa will not run on the 1600sc
> because of technical reasons (even on sles10)
> is that correct?
> --On 29. Oktober 2007 10:05:36 -0400 "J. Epperson"
> <Dell at> wrote:
>> On Mon, October 29, 2007 09:39, Mike Bressem wrote:
>>> --On 29. Oktober 2007 08:23:21 -0500 Matt Domsch
> <Matt_Domsch at>
>>> wrote:
>>>> 1) opensuse 10.3 isn't officially supported by OMSA, so the
> automatic
>>>> installation via the hardware repo won't work. (note - it's pulled
> in
>>>> the emptyrepo automatically which doesn't have the packages).
>>>> 2) PowerEdge SC systems don't have OMSA support, regardless of your
> OS.
>>> hi matt,
>>> thanks for your answer. this is odd. i found an OMSA package (sles10)
> for
>>> exactly that server. it's even listed as a compatible system on:
>> OMSA vis-a-vis SC systems is one of the odd mysteries of the Dell
>> universe.  There are any number of README files, etc., that seem to
>> indicate that specific SC systems are supported, but the Dell-dwellers
>> here consistently state that they are not (which does appear
> accurate).
>> I'm sure there are technical reasons, but have never seen them
>> articulated.
>> There's no conflict between Matt's statement that opensuse isn't
>> officially supported and your discovery of an SLES10 package.
> Opensuse is
>> not SLES, although that package will probably work if you install it
>> manually.

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