grub boot problem with md

Ben Scott mailvortex at
Sat Oct 27 16:57:57 CDT 2007

On 10/27/07, Greg Vickers <daehenoc at> wrote:
> Thanks for the tip - so grub may see the disk that is plugged into the
> sata1 port (i.e. the second HDD) slightly differently as when that disk
> is presented by the kernel.

  Exactly.  When self-hosted, GRUB runs in real mode, and is entirely
dependent on the BIOS.  The kernel, on the other hand, almost
completely ignores the BIOS, and uses its own methods and code for
everything.  Those normally match what the BIOS thinks is going on,
but occasionally they disagree.

> OK, I'll give it a shot - how do I install grub to a floppy disk?

  Load a floppy disk.  From the Linux shell prompt, run the GRUB shell
(/sbin/grub).  Then, from the GRUB prompt, issue the commands:

	root (fd0)
	setup (fd0)

  You can also find diskette images floating around out there (and
write them with the dd(1) command).  I've also heard of bootable CD
images which can boot GRUB self-hosted, that might work.

-- Ben

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