OpenIPMI drivers missing

Steven Stromer filter at
Thu Oct 25 16:20:17 CDT 2007


Trying to IPMI-over-LAN from Dell PE 840, running 
('host1'), to brand new Dell PE 840 with no installed OS ('host2'), 
using ipmitool.

Both seem to have functioning BMCs. server2 has dynamically assigned 
address via the IPMI server management configuration utility. Both hosts 
are on the same lan segment.

I've installed from the Fedora repo onto 'host1':
OpenIPMI.i386                            2.0.6-5
OpenIPMI-devel.i386                      2.0.6-5
OpenIPMI-libs.i386                       2.0.6-5
OpenIPMI-perl.i386                       2.0.6-5
OpenIPMI-python.i386                     2.0.6-5
OpenIPMI-tools.i386                      2.0.6-5

'chkconfig openipmi on' returns:
error reading information on service openipmi: No such file or directory

'service ipmi start' fails.

'service ipmi status' returns:
ipmi_msghandler module not loaded.
ipmi_si module not loaded.
ipmi_devintf module not loaded.
/dev/ipmi0 does not exist.

Am I correct to assume that I do not have to install or use OMSA 
srvadmin packages just to be able to communicate with the BMC?

My understanding is that OpenIPMI packages contain the needed IPMI 
drivers. Yet, the listed modules do not appear to exist anywhere in the 
filesystem after installing the these packages. Are there packages that 
I'm missing, or something else I've neglected to do?

I would manually load the modules, if I could find any to load, or use 
dkms if I could locate the source for the modules. Is there any chance 
they are located in the instsvc-drivers package that is a part of the 
OMSA suite? If so, there does not seem to exist a version for Fedora, so 
I'm hoping this is not where I need to be looking.

On a related note, I'd like to update the BMC firmware version on 
'host1'. Is this recommended or needed? Is there a way to do so without 
using OMSA?

I'd appreciate any responses pointing me in either the right direction, 
or to clear documentation that would do so. I've read everything I could 
locate that seemed pertinent, but no success.

Steven Stromer

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