Manual installation of DRAC console plug-in?

Mike Cleghorn lists at
Wed Oct 24 19:40:09 CDT 2007

I had a similar problem with IE7 at least.  I had to add the DRAC to
trusted sites and allow trusted sites to install un-signed plugins (i
think, it's one of those settings that would ordinarily make me nervous
about turning it on).

I couldn't find a way to manually install the required plugins while i
was figuring all this out (with the help of the other Dell forums, i
should add).

Good luck.


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Is there a way to manually install the needed browser plugin for DRAC 5 
console redirection? What Windows browsers has it really been used with?

I'm using a Win2k machine at home and trying to connect to my office
(CentOS5, except it's down right now) via VPN. Neither Seamonkey nor IE6

make any attempt to download the console plugin. I'm about to try my
system to see if I have any better luck with it. (Gotta go find OpenVPN 
code for XP64, first.)

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