[Q]messages come out relate to disk on DELL 6800

mcclnx mcc mcclnx at yahoo.com.tw
Wed Oct 24 16:44:43 CDT 2007

we have DELL 6800 server with REDHAT AS 4.3 in it.  I
saw /var/log/messages have following messages come

Oct 24 13:29:04 ORA Server Administrator: Storage
Service EventID: 2095  SCSI sense data Sense key: 4
Sense code:44 Sense qualifier: 0:  Array Disk 0:10
Controller 1, Connector 0
Oct 24 13:29:04 ORA snmpd[15789]: Got trap from peer
on fd 13 

I also used "OPMN" check and all disks are O.K.

Does anyone know what is message meaning?


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