Manual installation of DRAC console plugin?

Kenneth Porter shiva at
Wed Oct 24 08:43:17 CDT 2007

--On Wednesday, October 24, 2007 9:37 AM -0400 "Brian A. Seklecki" 
<bseklecki at> wrote:

> You have to run the client OS they tell you to.  They're shipping
> binaries inside the xpi zip file linked against descrete version of
> libc.

Or in my case, something in Windows. (I'm managing a Linux server from a 
Windows client, possible XP32, XP64, or Win2k. And over any of IE6, IE7, 
Firefox 2, or Seamonkey.)

> The community needs to write its own client that is platform
> independent.

That would be highly desirable. Open Standards are a Good Thing. They allow 
customers to move ahead when the vendor is busy with other priorities. Is 
the console protocol an Open Standard?

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