RD1000 Backup

John Paul Szkudlapski johns at bsfc.ac.uk
Mon Oct 22 04:42:43 CDT 2007


I have a RHEL4 server that I need to backup. The server has an internal
RD1000 drive.

I have used the "Tape Backup" option on Webmin to run a test backup to the
RD1000 drive (it auto mounts as /DEV/SDB)

What I would like to know is;

1) What is the best software to enable me to backup a few folders - probably
about 4, including an export of the MYSQL database on the server {see below}
- the drive came with Yosemite backup, but I find it difficult to use (as
the server does not have Xwindows on it, only a terminal).

I cant figure out on the webmin module, how to get it to wipe the drive
before use, which I would need it to do.

2) how can I get mysql to do a dump of a database every night, automatically
without putting in username and password, so that I have an export of the
database to be backed up.


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