questions about a PERC in a 2950

Marcus Bointon marcus at
Mon Oct 22 04:00:24 CDT 2007

On 21 Oct 2007, at 08:18, Kuba Ober wrote:

>> The big advantage of hardware RAID is the hardware battery-backed RAM
>> cache that is on the card.
>> I find this piece of hardware essential for both performance (it  
>> absorbs
>> disk flush gracefully)
> Seems to be a non-argument. You imply that your OS is 256MB (or  
> whatever)
> short on buffer memory. That's an easy fix, doesn't require a RAID
> controller ;)

Huh? For performance maybe, but there is no possible software  
equivalent to battery backed cache. If you cache writes in normal RAM  
and pull the plug, your data is gone, end of story.

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