Updating firmware w/o Root.

Cris Rhea crhea at mayo.edu
Sat Oct 20 12:43:04 CDT 2007

> From: "Gordon Cormack" <gordon at relicom.com.au>
> Subject: SUU without root access?
> I need to maintain firmware on many servers (eg. 250) and different groups
> within my organisation WILL NOT give me root access or create a user for me
> (eg. using sudo) - which is probably fair enough and actually I don't want
> it just-in-case something goes wrong (they can't blame me).

How large is the enviroment??  How much control do you have over things like
DHCP/PXE boot services?

One thing you might noodle on is to come up with a PXE boot/kickstart setup
that would boot to a live image (or kickstart), run the firmware update, 
then reboot off the normal internal disk. 

As Matt points out, you need root access to do this type of thing. If they
don't want you to have access, come up with a way to temporarily boot into
an environment you own (and that doesn't impact theirs). 

I'm thinking that the F12 (PXE boot) during the boot sequence might give you
what you want without resorting to physical floppies/cdroms.

--- Cris

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