SUU without root access?

Gordon Cormack gordon at
Sat Oct 20 06:32:59 CDT 2007


I need to maintain firmware on many servers (eg. 250) and different groups
within my organisation WILL NOT give me root access or create a user for me
(eg. using sudo) - which is probably fair enough and actually I don't want
it just-in-case something goes wrong (they can't blame me).

Most servers are PE 2650/2850 running RHEL4 and need bios/perc/drac updated

I am trying to run the Service Update Utility (SUU) which would make my life
a lot easier instead of painfully using floppy disks/images.

Have tried running a linux live distro on CD/USB (eg. DSL, slax, debian,
ubuntu, etc) without much success. Keep getting errors about certain
packages not being in the system path but most seem to be around "invcol"

So without trying to reinvent the wheel has anybody done this before? Or
know how it could be done? Basically need a solution that doesn't boot into
or install anything on the OS (ie no need for root or any user access). I
don't want to go back to floppies :(

Thanks again,



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