Per CPU Load on Dell w/ AMD/Opteron

Dave dell at
Thu Oct 18 18:54:20 CDT 2007

We've got a couple of Opteron 248-based machines (not Dells) running
CentOS 4.5 x86_64 and they report hrProcessorLoad as you'd expect (using
the RPM version of net-snmp).

Maybe try the latest version of net-snmp from source?


Erik Cummings wrote:
> Wow - I didn't expect the deafening silence.
> Okay - I need to make this a bit more generic...
> I would like to monitor the actual PER CPU loads on the AMD Opteron powered Dells that we have.  I have NO problems doing this on the Intel based (Centos 4.5 on x86) but cannot on the AMD based (Centos 4.5 on x86_64).
> Currently using SNMP to get the stats to graph for Intel, but the per CPU load values are just NOT included in the MIB on the AMD based boxes...
> So, before I write a script to parse the values presented by 'mpstate -P <CPU#>, has anyone else done this?
> Erik
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>> Subject: Per CPU Load via SNMP on Dell 2970
>> I'm having a difficult time getting per CPU utilization via SNMP on my
>> Dell 2970's.  I have NO problems getting other SNMP information (so
>> overall SNMP is working fine) and I can see that I have "4 CPUs", there is
>> just NO hrProcessorLoad information, and as far as I can tell the UCD side
>> doesn't even HAVE per-CPU.
>> Anyone have any clues?  Be glad to post plenty of detail if anyone thinks
>> they can help!
>> Erik M. Cummings
>> P.S.  If I need to implement a Dell specific SNMP call to get per CPU -
>> that's fine!

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