Per CPU Load on Dell w/ AMD/Opteron

Erik Cummings ecummings at
Thu Oct 18 16:12:02 CDT 2007

Wow - I didn't expect the deafening silence.

Okay - I need to make this a bit more generic...

I would like to monitor the actual PER CPU loads on the AMD Opteron powered Dells that we have.  I have NO problems doing this on the Intel based (Centos 4.5 on x86) but cannot on the AMD based (Centos 4.5 on x86_64).

Currently using SNMP to get the stats to graph for Intel, but the per CPU load values are just NOT included in the MIB on the AMD based boxes...

So, before I write a script to parse the values presented by 'mpstate -P <CPU#>, has anyone else done this?


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> Subject: Per CPU Load via SNMP on Dell 2970
> I'm having a difficult time getting per CPU utilization via SNMP on my
> Dell 2970's.  I have NO problems getting other SNMP information (so
> overall SNMP is working fine) and I can see that I have "4 CPUs", there is
> just NO hrProcessorLoad information, and as far as I can tell the UCD side
> doesn't even HAVE per-CPU.
> Anyone have any clues?  Be glad to post plenty of detail if anyone thinks
> they can help!
> Erik M. Cummings
> P.S.  If I need to implement a Dell specific SNMP call to get per CPU -
> that's fine!
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