RE: watercooled pe2850 (we all like pictures...)

michalwd1979 <> michalwd1979 at
Thu Oct 18 07:13:46 CDT 2007

To everyone who want to see the server: It is now on:
as well as on Faris Raouf side:[nameofimage]
Thanks Faris, no I don't have anything against putting the pics there.

Main source of noise are SCSI disks now. Main fan runs on very low rpm and I also reduced the speed of internal PSU fan. You can barely hear the fans from 2-3m. All box with hdds is like a quiet normal PC you can easily work directly on it.
I am living alone.... my room is rather workplace rather then normal living room.

Old fans at full speed can use up to 90-100W of power, less on reduced speed. Efficiency of PSU is poor - it uses about 30-40W idle. Now I have only one PSU and my fan needs only 7W so I reduced power consumption by about 100W no-load, and more (130-140W) with fully loaded server.
Because of poor PSU I am strongly thinking about changing PSU to external one, integrated with UPS and get rid of double power conversion (normal UPS).
The problem is the protocol that PSU speaks to server, and the complicated connector - any info here will be very useful for me.


Dnia 18 października 2007 12:33 "Faris Raouf" <asterisk at> napisał(a):

> Ah. I was afraid the pictures would be blocked. Thanks for sending them to me. That's really really great. 
> I've uploaded them to[nameofimage] if you want to use those links in any other messages.
> e.g.
> Please let me know if this is not something you want and I will remove them.
> Faris.

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