3 x PE1950 CentOS/RHEL 5 + MD3000 single path non-HA

Kurt_Olsson at Dell.com Kurt_Olsson at Dell.com
Wed Oct 17 10:37:13 CDT 2007

It may be that I am a bit slow, but what are you trying to accomplish by
having three hosts all accessing the same LUN?

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Subject: 3 x PE1950 CentOS/RHEL 5 + MD3000 single path non-HA

Hi All,
    We have 3 PE1950's running RHEL 5 with an MD3000 disk array
The three servers are connected in a single path arrangement with the 
first two being connected to controller A, the third server on
controller B.

I've mapped the LUN to all three hosts in the group, and used the 
following firmware to allow all three to use the LUN without causing the

array to go into non-optimal mode.
Current configuration                                              
      Firmware version:                          
      NVSRAM version:                               N133X-617890-715

My problem however is it seems that I cannot get all three servers using

the array at once without getting buffer IO errors.
I found a workaround on the Array by setting all hosts to windows MSCS 
single path, but this has adversely affected performance.

Is there any nice way to allow all hosts to be set as Linux and use 
single path arrangement? I've tried installing the rdac drivers provided

but they seem problematic when reaching init, and when it does boot the 
machine, it still complains when another machine uses the array.
Any thoughts?
-Michael Jarrett

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