dell 2850 etch firmware updates

Andrew Reid AndrewReid at
Wed Oct 17 05:31:41 CDT 2007

L.P.H. van Belle wrote:
> i think you frogot to load the module dell_rbu 
> aka modprobe dell_rbu 
> lsmod | grep dell 
> and see if its loaded. 
> worked for me. 
> Louis

No, it was loaded, lsmod shows it there, I just didn't mention that I 
had loaded it.

Are you running 64 bit or 32 bit ???

It seems that it is actually the program dellBiosUpdate which does not 
like the .hdr file, I don't even have to try to update the firmware and 
it complains (see below)

#lsmod | grep dell
dell_rbu               11168  0

#dellBiosUpdate -i -f bios.hdr
file: bios.hdr
HeaderId: $RBU
Header Length: 84
Header Major Ver: 2
Header Minor Ver: 0
Num Systems: 5
***** This is a very strange version number ****

Quick Check: Copyright 2007 Dell Inc.
System ID List: 0x01b1 0x01b2 0x01b3 0x01b8 0x01fb

#dellBiosUpdate -t -f bios.hdr
WARNING: BIOS HDR file BIOS version appears to be less than or equal to 
current BIOS version.
          This may result in bad things happening!

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