questions about a PERC in a 2950

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Tue Oct 16 07:58:37 CDT 2007


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>Subject: questions about a PERC in a 2950
>I have a couple of 2950s that have PERC controllers.  I'd like 
>to disable 
>the PERC controller and drop back to using the SAS 5i 
>controller.  Is that 
>possible / something that I can do in the field by fiddling 
>with switches, 
>or does it require parts replacement?  If it's not possible, is it 
>possible to use the PERC as a straight SCSI controller, 
>without having to 
>make each drive into single disk raid0?


I don't have an answer to your question, but I am curious as to why you
want to dump the PERC?

Regards, Marshall 

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