pe1955 - bmc nic own ipaddress ?

Honza Novak kacerr at
Tue Oct 16 02:09:47 CDT 2007

i'm playing a bit with collecting some data through IPMI on dell 1855 
and 1955 blade servers.
everything works fine for me (after some digging in the documentation, 
papers, internet ....), but i found something, that i doesn't like.

It seems that on pe1955, bmc nic needs its own ip address, it cannot 
share it as 1855 does it. In linux i see that NICs has different mac 
address than BMC nic and i found nothing in bios that looks like it 
would change this behavior.
Am i doing something wrong? or is this feature of IMPI 2.0 protocol?

I forgot to mention that i'm using RHEL5 on both types of machines.

Thanks for any help,

Honza Novak

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