1950 and RH AS 2.1

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The problem is that RHEL AS 2.1 implies a certain older 2.4 kernel. The driver is in the upstream kernel and has been since sometime in the 2.6 kernel development lifetime. There are backports to 2.4 but your mileage may vary trying to get it to work in the RHEL AS 2.1 kernel as the earliest kernel I know of to have a successful port is the RHEL 3u6 kernel. But there is certainly nothing stopping you from back porting this, I just don't know of any backports to the kernel in question.


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but aren't the drivers all included upstream (i mean in the kernel source) ?
in that case a simple kernel compilation would be sufficient.

we absolutely need the RHAS2.1 to be consistent ith the other servers and a provider matrix compatibility

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The oldest OS supported on the hardware is RHEL 3 update 6. I'm not aware of the drivers being backported farther back than that. But if you must I would look at the drivers for that release.


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Does anyone know a way to install Redhat advanced server 2.1 on a PE1950 ?
It seems that out of the box the iso's won't support PE1950 Hardware (according to our hosting provider).



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