Centos/RedHat 5 on a 1550?

Faris Raouf asterisk at raouf.net
Mon Oct 15 13:02:06 CDT 2007

It definitely does help. Thank you. I had intended installing OMSA but now I
know not to. I would probably have wasted hours and hours and lost a lot of
sleep over this.


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Maybe not exactly the same hardware, but we run Centos4.5 on a couple
The ethernet is a broadcom BCM5700 and the Perc3/Di(adaptec aacraid) are
recognized out of the box by Centos.

The only issue we have is that OMSA 4.x will crash the box with a kernel
panic in the 'dcdesm' module. Removing OMSA is a simple workaround for that
issue. Dell support response was "OMSA is not supported by dell on rhel4/5
on this hardware". As we don't have those machines on frontline production
it's not too much of an issue for us.

Hope this helps,


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