PE1950 - EnergySmart - any disadvantages?

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Mon Oct 15 12:56:03 CDT 2007

Thanks for everybody's responses. It sounds excellent and no real disadvantage then. 

We'll be going for dual 1.6GHz Quad Core LV CPUs and yes, the darned drives are expensive aren't they? We've opted for 4x 73Gb 10k 2.5in in a RAID5. 

Michael, I don't know the true power consumption. I only know what the Dell calculator says. Basically the PE1950 in standard config with the drives and CPUs mentioned above, plus 8Gigs of Ram (4x2Gb) is 1.58 Amps. In the EnergySmart config the Dell calculator says it would take 1.32Amps. 

That's still a heck of a lot more than our PE1550 and our now defunct PE1650 (which blew up quite nastily when out of warranty but that's another story and Dell sorted us out *supremely well* so I have no complaints other than the two days with no sleep that were the result). I don't think either of those go over 0.7A. I find that very annoying. I'd have thought that PSUs, for example, would be more energy efficient in this generation that one from many moons ago. But those machines had 1Gig PIIIs in them, and no more than 1Gb of Ram. And only 3x36Gb 15k SCSI drives but I'd have assumed those took far more power than the 2.5in 10k ones.


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Hello Faris,
Sorry for answering with question, but can you tell me what is power consumption for non energy-smart version? I have done quite a lot of tests with PE2850, I want to compare the results.



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