how to: Teamed NICs on PowerEdge 1950 (CentOS linux)

Matthew Schumacher matt.s at
Mon Oct 15 11:47:23 CDT 2007

Eugene Pik wrote:
> Is there any guide how to team 1950's onboard NICs 1950 under CentOS 4
> or RedHat 4?
> Will it work with any network switch or different manufacturers require
> different teaming software/options?
> Can these NICs be connected to 2 different switches for high availability?
> Thanks,
> Eugene Pik

Be careful with ethernet bonding, many of the modes assign the same mac
address to multiple ports which confuses many switches.  My ciscos
complained about mac flapping when I used any of the mac sharing modes.
 The lag mode will work great with a single cisco switch, but you can't
to link aggregation on multiple switches.

I ended up using mode 5.


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