PE1950 - EnergySmart - any disadvantages?

Marcus Bointon marcus at
Mon Oct 15 07:05:47 CDT 2007

On 15 Oct 2007, at 12:18, Faris Raouf wrote:

> Are there any "gotchas"/disadvantages to opting for the EnergySmart
> versions? We'll be running Centos/RedHat5 on it.

I've been running a cluster of 4 of these lately. We upgraded 2 of  
them to L5320 quad-cores, which are actually even lower power than  
the dual-core LV5148s, albeit at a slower clock. Far as I can see,  
the only downside is in storage. Because they use 2.5" drives, you  
can't get disk performance as high as with 3.5" drives (10k rpm max),  
size is limited as the biggest SAS 2.5" drives are 146Gb, plus  
they're about twice the price of 3.5" drives at that size.

Aside from that they are great performers, easily outdoing older 3.0  
and 3.6GHz Xeon boxes.

We're running Debian on them.

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