Sata Raid 6 channel controller monitoring

Leopold Palomo-Avellaneda lepalom at
Mon Oct 15 03:26:21 CDT 2007


I just have a simple question that begins to worry to me. We have a PowerEdge 
1800 with a sata raid controller (6 channels) with 4 hds configured in Raid5.

We have installed a debian stable (now etch, before sarge)  and it's running 
without any problems since one and half year 24/7

I configured the raid using the hardware raid in the bios. I choose the 
partition schema and when I install the OS, the kernel (2.6) recognized the 
resulting partitions of the raid without any problem (using aacraid module)

Now I'm a bit worry because I don't have any tool to monitor the state of the 
hds. I have installed the afaapps tools but when I try to use the afacli 
command doesn't it doesn't find any controller. On this page [1] I found that 
the aacraid modules doesn't show any status. But I didn't create the raid 
using the afacli soft. I created it using the bios driver.

So, how can I check the state of the raid?




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