RAID Monitoring for all 8/9Gs PEs using Nagios Plugin

Kaj Niemi kajtzu at
Wed Oct 10 08:55:53 CDT 2007


On Oct 9, 2007, at 17:21, Adrian Gajan wrote:

> Everything is working fine, but there are a few boxes which reports  
> "Non-critical/Degraded" Status instead of "Ok/Online":)
> Executing omreport storage controller shows:
> So, as you can see, both harddrives are online and ok, so why is  
> the "omreport storage controller" command showing the array as in  
> "non-critical" state? Is it a known bug, is there a way how to fix  
> that?

Not knowing how long that condition has been going on... but it's  
possible that controller's battery could be in a learning/discharging/ 
charging phase which happens roughly every 90 days and takes about 8  
hours (from memory). It will show up as both global system status and  
storage global status set to non-critical. The alarm should clear by  
itself after the charging phase is done. You can verify that using  
"omreport storage battery". Assuming you have syslog setup, the  
corresponding lines should also be logged to /var/log/messages. I'm  
not sure what the facility and are, though.

It could also be that the controller is running an older firmware  
than what the installed OMSA version accepts as known good. I had  
recent 2950s being shipped with 5.0.3 software while the latest was  
5.1.1 (also the one OMSA wanted). Upgrading the controller firmware  
made, in that case, the alert to clear.  :)


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