RAID Monitoring for all 8/9Gs PEs using Nagios Plugin

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Tue Oct 9 09:58:57 CDT 2007


yeah, we used megarc in the past, but it does not handle old Blades (PE1855)
and I do not know if its handeling newer boxes - 9Gs.



On 10/9/07, Marcus Bointon <marcus at> wrote:
> On 9 Oct 2007, at 15:33, <Patrick_Boyd at> <Patrick_Boyd at>
> wrote:
> If I had to guess I'd say that your firmware is out of date. When you run
> omreport storage controller there should be a field labeled "Required
> Firmware Version" upgrade to that and you should be all set.
> Hm. Mine went completely the other way - was working fine, did a firmware
> upgrade, and now omreport sees nothing at all (though the system is
> running ok). I've had to revert to megarc for monitoring raid status.
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