RAID Monitoring for all 8/9Gs PEs using Nagios Plugin

Adrian Gajan adrian.gajan at
Tue Oct 9 09:21:05 CDT 2007


I`ve installed the omreport package with necessary depedencies and using
following nagios plugin:[p_view]=433

Everything is working fine, but there are a few boxes which reports
"Non-critical/Degraded" Status instead of "Ok/Online":)
Executing omreport storage controller shows:

ID                                : 0
Status                            : Non-Critical
Name                              : PERC 4e/Si
Slot ID                           : Slot Not Available
State                             : Degraded

Executing omreport storage pdisk controller=0 shows:

Controller PERC 4e/Si (Not Available)
ID                        : 0:0
Status                    : Ok
Name                      : Physical Disk 0:0
State                     : Online

ID                        : 0:1
Status                    : Ok
Name                      : Physical Disk 0:1
State                     : Online

Executing omreport storage vdisk controller=0 shows:

ID                  : 0
Status              : Ok
Name                : Virtual Disk 0
State               : Ready
Progress            : Not Applicable
Layout              : RAID-1
Size                : 279.38 GB (299976622080 bytes)
Device Name         : /dev/sda
Type                : SCSI
Read Policy         : Adaptive Read Ahead
Write Policy        : Write Back
Cache Policy        : Direct I/O
Stripe Element Size : 64 KB

So, as you can see, both harddrives are online and ok, so why is the
"omreport storage controller" command showing the array as in "non-critical"
state? Is it a known bug, is there a way how to fix that?

Adrian Gajan
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