Kernel Panic from bnx2 kernel module

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Subject: Kernel Panic from bnx2 kernel module

Hello all,


I experienced a kernel panic this morning on one of our Dell PowerEdge
servers running RHEL5. The system is fairly standard in it's config,
running only (32bit) RHEL5 provided packages.


Looking at the error the offending module seems to have been bnx2, which
I believe is the Broadcom extreme driver for the integrated NIC on the
newer 2950's.


EIP is at bnx2_poll+0xe7/0x91a [bnx2]


Anyone else seen this before? I'm not too worried just yet as we've only
experienced this once in over a 100 days of uptime, but it got me out of
bed at 6am L



John Baxendale



Have you filed a bug with RedHat?  
Is your issue related to or ? 

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