add harddisks to RAID5 array

Nick Triantafillou nickt at
Sat Oct 6 03:27:03 CDT 2007

I've done this on a 2850 by adding the disk to the raid, rebooting to 
the raid console, select 'reconstruct', select the logical drive, and 
then select the new disk. It'll take a while depending on the size of 
disks etc (mine takes 21 hours to add 300gb disk to an existing 4x300gb 
raid5 array).

After that, you have to use something like gparted livecd to resize the 
disk partition over the new space, then resize the filesystem over that 
partition (if your filesystem supports being resized - i used 
resizereiserfs to do this). Otherwise, just making a new partition will 
work if you want to do that.

You may have to do something else if you use LVM etc, never done it that 
way but hopefully this helps a bit.


Thomas Antony wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm running Fedora 7 on a PE2950 with a RAID1 and  RAID5 array. I 
> bought another sas harddisk and want to add it to the RAID5 array.
> I didn't see any options for this in the RAID controller settings and 
> osma 5.2
> How do i add the harddisk to the RAID5 array without reconfigure it?
> Thomas
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