Debian Etch AMD64, Xen 3.0 and BCM5708

Vincent Caron vcaron at
Thu Oct 4 20:12:27 CDT 2007


  I'm running in a annoying problem while setting up Xen on my PE1955
blades. It seems it has already been documented at least a year ago:

  So basically I run my dom0 (this is the standard 2.6.18 Xen kernel
from Debian Etch) and everything is just fine. Then starting the bridge
to share multiple MACs on my NIC stops the network.

  Unfortunately the aforementionned workaround is not an option for me,
I *do* need IPMI. Fortunately I can still use the DRAC/MC to get
equivalent functionnality, but it is far from convenient since I have a
globally IPMI-enabled setup.

  And lastly, booting on a DOS floppy is not an exciting option either.
I netboot'ed one, but FreeDos or something won't play nice with the
serial console redirection and it looks (colorfully) garbled. And it's

  Does anyone as a way out for me ? Maybe some firmware upgrade, but
there are so many. I've collected some from the BIOS setup:

  Main BIOS: version 1.2.3 (Phoenix ROM BIOS PLUS Version 1.10 1.2.3)

  MPTBIOS- (2006.12.22)

  Broadcom NetXtreme II Ethernet Boot Agent v3.0.1

  Remote Access Configuration Utility 1.03

  Baseboard Management Controller Revision 1.33

  Primary Backplane Firmware Revision 1.00

  Thanks for any piece of advice,


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