PowerEdge 860 flakiness

Jobe Bittman jbittman at chewcorp.com
Thu Oct 4 14:13:14 CDT 2007

Is anyone else having issues with running Linux on the PowerEdge 860s? I'm
running 64bit Centos5 and their driver for SAS 5/iR RAID controller and I am
repeatedly seeing kernel panics when I try to benchmark a 2 drive striped
array with bonnie++.

Also, I have updated to the lastest BIOS A04, but the POST progress bar just
seems to take forever. Sometimes after a reboot it just hangs after the
processor info shows or sometime on the POST progress bar. I've seen this
behavior on 2 different 860s. I don't want to unbox them all if they are
known to be flawed.

Has anyone else seen these issues?

Jobe Bittman
Chief Network Architect
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