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In OMSA it is called "Reconfigure" this is a Virtual Disk option. This option allows you to add a disk without changing the RAID level. 


As for performing this operation in the controller BIOS, this is not allowed in the PERC 5 controllers as many users performed the operation incorrectly and risked data loss by using this operation.


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I was just looking for this information here and coudln't find anything... 

Could it be that it isn't supported? 


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add harddisks to RAID5 array




I'm running Fedora 7 on a PE2950 with a RAID1 and  RAID5 array. I 
bought another sas harddisk and want to add it to the RAID5 array.
I didn't see any options for this in the RAID controller settings and 
osma 5.2
How do i add the harddisk to the RAID5 array without reconfigure it?


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