PowerEdge Installation and Management CD

John Bown john.bown at brulant.com
Mon Oct 1 14:16:09 CDT 2007

Hello everyone.  I just tried installing SLES 10 for i386 on a PowerEdge
1600SC using the most recent version (5.2, A00, dated 4/10/07) of the
subject CD.  Despite being listed as a supported operating system under
the "Compatibility" section at the bottom of the following web page,
when booted, the only choices offered were Microsoft server operating




Undeterred, I downloaded the previous version of the subject CD (5.1,
A00, dated 9/28/06) only to experience the exact same thing!  The server
itself is nothing out of the ordinary.  It contains one 2.4GHz Xeon
processor, and a single 36GB SCSI hard drive powered by the onboard LSI
SCSI controller.


Am I missing something?  Has anyone out there done this successfully?
Many thanks.



John Bown


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