Dell PowerEdge 1850 CPU socket - mystery solved

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Mon Oct 1 13:22:52 CDT 2007

On 1 Oct 2007, at 14:29, <Kurt_Olsson at>  
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> 1850 uses Netburst arch, not Core... 771/775 is only for Core (x)  
> CPUs.

> 604-pin PGA package in a ZIF socket

That was the vital information I needed, but couldn't find anywhere  
on Dell's site. I noticed that not a single CPU upgrade that I saw on  
the Dell store mentioned which socket it was for. Even the "how to do  
a CPU upgrade" docs don't mention it.

So, anyone want to buy a nice pair of Low Voltage 5148 CPUs in full  
working order, recently pulled from a PE 1950 (which was upgraded to  
L5320 quads)?

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