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Brian D. McGrew brian at
Wed Jan 31 09:54:01 CST 2007

Dell Dudes:

I've got these PE1600's that won't boot a home brew hand cranked kernel
for the life of me.  I'm using and it boots on every other
machine I've got, including PE1400, PE1800, PE1900, PE2900, DIM4600,
DIM4700, Opti745 and Prec490.  But no go on the PE1600.

I'm thinking it _might_ have something to do with the LSI Logic SCSI
controller and hoping that you guys can share some light on it.
Basically when I boot this kernel it can't find the file systems.  

Any ideas, seen anything like this before?

I can post the .config for my kernel if you need.  Or if
someone was a working config that's known good on a 1600, that
would be great too!


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