YUM Repository Update: new OMSA 5.1 packages available

Nielsen, Steve SNielsen at comscore.com
Wed Jan 31 09:31:14 CST 2007


Just curious. What is "mock/plague" (mentioned below) ?


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Subject: YUM Repository Update: new OMSA 5.1 packages available

    Anybody following the lists for the past couple of days may have
noticed some problems with the unofficial yum repo. I believe that most
of the issues people have been having are resolved. Please let me know
via the list if you run into any new issues after 6pm CST today. Below
is a list of new or updated items in the repo.

  -- NEW!  OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA) version 5.1
  -- NEW!  OMSA 5.1 *official* metaRPMS
  -- NEW!  All OMSA RAC RPMS are now co-installable. (They used to RPM
Conflict with each other)
  -- Updated: /etc/yum.repos.d/dell.repo now uses $releasever to
automatically track the distribution you are on
  -- Updated: libsmbios 0.13.0 now publicly available.
  -- Updated internal process: All RPMS (w/exception of OMSA) are
generated using mock/plague)

Please refer to the OMSA documentation for details on what is new in
OMSA 5.1.

Thanks to everybody who reported.
Michael Brown

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