2950 kickstart

McDougall, Marshall (FSH) Marshall.McDougall at gov.mb.ca
Tue Jan 30 13:49:06 CST 2007

 Thanks for the reply Claudio.  Unfortunately, the install essentially
ignores that string and goes right to the X install.

Regards, Marshall

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>On my systems I use a USB key with
>linux ks=hd:sdb1/ks_file.cfg 
>having only a single physical lun sda1 where the system is installed.
>Be aware if you try the proposed solution you have to  use a 
>small USB key
>I guess < 1 GByte.
>I first tried with a key of 4 Gbyte and it didn't worked after
>with an old one of 64 Mbyte it worked perfectly.  
>On Tuesday 30 January 2007, McDougall, Marshall (FSH) wrote:
>> I am attempting to install a RHEL 4U4 via kickstart without 
>any degree
>> of success.  I have created the kickstart file and have it on a USB
>> floppy.  At boot time, I have used:
>>  linux ks=floppy
>>  linux install ks=floppy
>>  linux ks-/dev/fd0 and every combination/permutation I can think of.
>> Using "linux ks=floppy" gets ignored completely and just launches the
>> usual X install.  All of the rest result in a bad path from kickstart
>> type of message and tells me to reboot.  
>> Any enlightenment appreciated.  Thanks.
>> Regards, Marshall
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