Unofficial Dell Linux yum repository broken

Michael_E_Brown at Michael_E_Brown at
Tue Jan 30 08:09:53 CST 2007

Ok. Cron job to redo old and new yum metadata has been put in place. I thought that plague did this, but apparently not.

Also, I have found the official meta-RPMS from OMSA. They are tucked away in /srvadmin/linux/RPMS/supportRPMS/metaRPMS/. I have upgraded the metaRPMS to the official versions.

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On Mon, Jan 29, 2007 at 04:51:56PM -0600, Michael_E_Brown at wrote:
  > I had an agreement with the OM team to take over maintenance of the
  > meta-RPMS, which I thought was finalized. So, I stopped maintaining my
  > copies of the meta rpms. Turns out somebody dropped the ball. I'm
  > investigating, and in the meantime have put back the meta-rpms. 
  > Can you please check to see that everything looks ok?

  I see the dir with meta-pkgs on the website. However, it seems they
  are only mentioned in the 'headers' dir, not in the 'repodata' one.

  So the yum people need another 'createrepo' call.


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