Unofficial Dell Linux yum repository broken

Michael_E_Brown at Michael_E_Brown at
Mon Jan 29 16:40:05 CST 2007

I'll check out the %{dist} problem. Probably a problem with our plague/mock build system. The meta-rpm problem is different.

You can edit your config and replace %{dist} with 'rhel3' or 'rhel4', depending on what machine you are on, in order to get everything going until I resolve this.

Thanks for the feedback.

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Hi Michael,

> Ok, I have added a cron job to update the RHEL repositories
> using the old yum metadata format. The repos should be up
> to date now. Can you please check it out?

The headers look good, but the dell-repository config in up2date contains 
%{dist}, which up2date does not understand:

An HTTP error occurred:
Status Code: 400
Error Message: Bad Request

> Note: I am still working on the meta-rpm problem.

Is this the same problem I am having, or is it something different?

Thanks for the quick help!

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